10 Things to do to after retrenchment

The negative impact on an employee after retrenchment is not just financially, but mentally stressful.

To work on the financial side of the equation, you need to work on the mental side first.

Moving yourself away from the acknowledged shock of retrenchment and towards a positive mind set, helps your decision-making process no end.

Your thoughts will transcribe into actions which result in income.

  1. The greatest asset your ex-employer gave you was TIME. Use it wisely. Your choice.
  2. Acknowledge the situation and your feelings of resentment and dislike for the employer, and feelings of bitterness and even jealousy toward employees who have made the cut; however, it is in the past and it is time to move on. It was another chapter in your life.
  3. Do not blame yourself or others, do not take it personally. It was a series of events that got you to where you are now.
  4. Initially it is fine to vent your anger and repeat the negative stories, however two things happen when you are doing this. One, you are going deeper into negative space and two, people eventually stop listening.
  5. Ask yourself what are the good things that have come from this. I get to spend time with my family / friends. I can exercise more. I can volunteer my services at the school/ community.
  6. Spend your time with positive people having conversations about opportunities.
  7. Make the most of any outplacement services from your ex-employer.
  8. Each morning, write down what you are going to do today that will make you a better person.
  9. Investigate every opportunity.
  10. Do the simplest things that will work for you

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