About Us

By George

To put it simply, By George is a support solution helping people through career change and transition by improving their well-being and personal brand to assist them in moving forward.

Our evidence-based mental health and well-being programs promote workplace well-being and culture, build organisational and personal resilience, reduce stigma and promote help seeking. Customised to meet our client’s objectives and business contexts, our programs are available face-to-face and online.

In particular, By George helps with the human side of unemployment, retrenchment and redundancy, by offering unique workshops to assist ex-employees. The program exposes each individual to strategies based on Professor Martin Seligman’s research on Positive Psychology, to help them focus, clarify and recognise opportunities after loss of employment, and improve their personal brand.

By George also assists Teachers and Principals who are overwhelmed with their workload and expectations, and confronted with poor student behaviour, by providing them with strategies for stress management, self-care, mindfulness and time management.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Knowledge
  • Self
  • Others
  • Community
  • Environment



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