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By George

We recognise that no employer would willingly want to dismiss a valued employee.

By George is a new complementary service to the traditional Outplacement or Career Transition program.

We offer a unique workshop experience for current and ex-employees that reflects the employers moral compass and multiplies participants opportunities while supporting their wellbeing. 

In 2016, 400,000 Australians were retrenched or their position was made redundant. That’s 400,000 individuals potentially feeling emotions equal to marriage breakdown, moving house or bereavement. All very stressful. All very negative. All impacting on their ability to make sound decisions.

By George is a support solution for people to get them into a positive head space in order to move forward. Expand their thinking by exposing them to positive strategies that are natural to human behaviour.

To make clear, focussed decisions when in a negative, stressful state is very difficult. Understanding the power of positivity benefits decision-making process and motivates a willingness to focus.

By George is turning the negative into the positive on behalf of the employer.

By George translates Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of Positive Psychology research into hands-on workshops for people in the unfortunate position of retrenchment.

The objective of every workshop is to expose participants to practical strategies that increase well-being which in turn help realise opportunities.

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