Four actions to ensure you have a great day, every day

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make your days greater, more productive or happier?

We believe that every day can be a cracker, and every day can have meaning and purpose no matter how small the actions or achievements were that you made. It’s important to take a second and reflect on what makes you finish the day with a smile on your dial and a skip in your step.

By implementing these easy actions, you will improve your daily outlook, mindfulness and achieve a great day, every day. I challenge you to try these four actions:

1) Morning – Plan for success

What does your ‘great day’ look like?

‘Mindless time’ is when you’re in autopilot mode, doing a routine task that underutilises the brain – this can be when you’re showering, cleaning your teeth, shaving, applying make-up, driving or eating. Utilise these moments and try to think up three things you would like to achieve today to ensure you have a great day. This will be the measure of your day – write them down either on paper or in your phone on the notes app (this will be important for action four). 

2) Mid-morning – Make someone else’s day brighter

Giving a simple but genuine compliment about another person’s achievements, presentation or contribution has a two-fold positive emotional high. It is human nature to feel good when receiving compliments, but also gives a surge of dopamine (brain fuel) for the complementor, so be generous with your compliments!

3) After lunch – Take stock of what you have

As the day draws on it can be challenging to keep things on an even plateau. Take two minutes to calmly reflect on the people in your life who make you happy. Real people who you speak to. What is it about them that make you happy? Who are you grateful for? Expand the circle to include different social groups and different relationships. Acknowledging the joys of relationships and being grateful for what they bring to your happiness is important. The more positive emotions, the more dopamine.

4) Night – Evaluate your success

The day is nearly complete. Before you go to sleep, refer to the three items you recorded at the start of the day to evaluate your success. Achievement relates to leading a meaningful life. Small action towards a greater goal is purposeful.

This exercise completed over a week determines your answer to the question, “How was your week?”. In which case you can honestly answer, “Awesome, as every day was a great day”.

Lastly, it’s important to note that you can’t measure your day by other people’s influences – measure your day against your own expectations and ideas. 


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