By George


Thinking about what we value


“Engaging, passionate tone. Enthusiastic body language. Participants were engaged because Luke used names, seeking others personal experiences and insights” Linda

“Full of energy and passion for Personal Branding. Good Array of engaging exercises with excellent workbook and variety.” Steve Bowler

Ranking your values

“Luke’s Personal Branding workshop was the best thing to do for 4 hours on a Saturday morning. It was worth investing my time. Everyone needs it like a toothbrush.” Juliana Kelly

“Would highly recommend this workshop and any future workshops.” Roz Collins

“Very welcoming, warm, inspiring and motivational speaker. I would definitely recommend this workshop.” Karen Moore

Personal Branding includes living a happy and meaningful life.

“Enthusiastic and energetic presenter with lots of helpful tips on brand development.” Michelle Cook

“Luke was engaging, knowledgeable and professional and provided excellent clarity on the topic of Personal Branding and the things that matter to me” Mike Hendriks

“Luke’s ideas and directions are extremely focused” Bruce Jones

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