Educator Well-Being

By George

We can all thank a teacher for some part of our life’s journey and at some stage can pinpoint a significant time that a teacher planted the seed, built our confidence, inspired our dreams, listened to our story, encouraged our desires and enhanced our lives.

But now it is time to return the favour and show them some support.

Teachers and Principals are often overwhelmed by their workloads and expectations, and are confronted with poor student and parent behaviour including physical and emotional abuse. This often results in poor mental health and wellbeing, which has a continued flow-on effect to student engagement levels.

According to Milburn (2011), 41 per cent of teachers report high levels of occupational stress in Australia and they make more mental stress claims than any other industry (WorkCover 2013).

Despite this, teachers and principals usually press on due to their unerring desire to teach, support, mentor, coach and enhance student development.

These statistics indicate an overwhelming need to support and nurture teachers, and improve their well being, so that they can continue to inspire our youth of tomorrow.

The promotion of mental health and wellbeing strategies for stress management, mindfulness and social support is crucial in offering protection against stress.

According to Flook (2013), teachers who participate in mindfulness training programs show significant reductions in psychological systems. Teachers themselves even recognise that focussing on their own wellbeing is crucial in supporting student wellbeing, (Sue Roffey, Wellbeing Australia, 2012), but are often unsure as to how to do this.

By George translates Martin Seligman’s PERMA model of Positive Psychology research into hands-on workshops for teachers. The objective of every workshop is to expose participants to practical strategies which increase well-being.

By George provides a customised tool kit for teachers that help with:

  • Managing stress
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Increasing happiness
  • Improving lifestyle

We do this by teaching:

  • Self-care practices
  • Mindfulness strategies
  • Time management methods
  • Growth Mindset approaches
  • Emotional awareness
  • Positive Relationship habits

Workshops are customised to coincide with the school’s timetable, objectives and staff availability.

Please contact Luke George for more personalised service.

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