By George

Personal Brand – Articulation
Communication is an important skill to have if you are to articulate your brand and associate with the influencers.
Public speaking is a skill all brand conscious people should learn. It is the perfect quality to have when a presentation is required, a connection opportunity arises or when a difficult conversation needs to be had.
The Toastmaster speeches below illustrate my determination to master the many nuances of public speaking. What I have learnt has been invaluable.

The opening 4 sentences must engage the audience to continue to listen. Like the first few minutes of a movie or the first lines in a book, grab the audience’s attention. They must be asking for more.
Do you think I did this in “The Self Determination Theory”?

A persuasive speech needs to have flow, a message and a call to action. In the speech “From Red Dust to a Bright Future” I take the audience on a journey from Halls Creek to reflecting on their willingness to help others.
Did I succeed?

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